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updated: June 15, 2003

Warbaby says:

The attempts at disarming Iraqis has totally flopped.  Not surprising when a policy on gun confiscation has to play by National Rifle Association rules.

The Washington Post writes:

"U.S. officials, while describing the response as light, were quick to explain that the goal was never to disarm Iraqis, but principally to inform them that banned weapons must not be carried in public."

This makes, what, the umpteenth time an attempt at actually executing a policy in Iraq has flopped?  Look at them squirm:  "...the goal was never to disarm Iraqis..."

Ah, well.  We're bringing Bush's brand of Freedom(TM) to Iraq.  To wit:

  • So far we've quashed their rights to a free press (there goes the First Amendment),
  • Made an unenforcible policy on gun confiscation without the slightest assistance from Sara Brady  (Second Amendment down for the count),
  • Quartered troops on them (I'll bet nobody even noticed the Third Amendment in flames),
  • subjected them to unreasonable search and seizure (that's the Fourth)
  • "detained" without warrant or judicial process (nobody's taking the Fifth in Baghdad)
  • abolished the right of trial, never mind speedy (the Sixth Amendment does not apply to Camp X-Ray, the Supremes say so...)
  • Trial by jury?  Don't make me laugh! (Seventh Amendment is out of the running)
  • Cruel and unusual punishment, don't be absurd!  There's nothing unusual about it at all, everybody get treated alike. Excessive bail?  We can do better than than -- how about no chance for bail at all? (Eighth sinks slowly out of sight.)

Eight out of ten, how's that for Freedom Lite(TM)?  Recently, some lilly-livered liberals were complaining that Operation Iraqi Freedom was bringing democracy to Baghdad while removing it from us.  Thanks very much, but I'll pass on Iraqi Freedom(TM) -- just say NO to Iraqi Freedom(TM), make mine American!