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These reports are from Public Good and other sources. They are arranged in chronological order of publication.


by Scott Buchanan. Buchanan was one of the founders of the New Program and the "Great Books" curriculum at St. John's College -- the most significant liberal arts program in 20th century America. This essay was the result of his long exploration of the meaning of corporations in America. Of Buchanan, Clifton Fadiman said, "Scott Buchanan is the only human being I have know of whom one might have said, 'Socrates, however much greater, must have been a little like this man.' ...In a period of offically approved anti-intelliectualism, his sadly ignored voice sounds ever more clearly."

by Ralph Maughan, Douglas Nilson, Idaho State University Dept. of Political Science. This paper examines the Wise Use movement as to whether it represents a new political phenomenon or simply a recurrence of reactionary Western land revolts such as the Sagebrush Rebellion of the late 1970s and early 80s. The Wise Use Movement is a desperate effort to defend the hegemony of the cultural and economic values of the agricultural and extractive industries of the rural West. It differs from past such movements in its level of desperation and in a first effort to win allies in other parts of the region and nation. (67K)
Wise Use enters electoral politics
The title says it all. This is the first research report from Public Good. It was distributed over the internet, was picked up by the WELL gopher and published in the May 1994 issue of Work In Progress. (14K)

White Supremacy in the 1990's - Center for Democratic Renewal
CDR research director Loretta Ross describes the changing trends in white supremacist politics. (38K)
Steal This State
Wise Use and the county secession movement in Puget Sound. A shorter version of this report was published in the August 17, 1994 edition of Eastsideweek. (43K)
Merchant of Fear
Profile of Alan Gottlieb, right-wing fundraiser, anti-gun control activist and one of the founders of Wise Use. A much shorter version of this report was published in the October 26, 1994 edition of Eastsideweek. (96K)

The Blue Mountain Group Statement
Both a report and a call to action to defend democracy in America from some of the foremost progressive activists in the country (23K)

Defending Democracy: What to Do?
Press release and call to action from the Blue Mountain Group. (6K)
Angry White Guys With Guns: The Rise of the Citizen Militias
Daniel Junas' article from CovertAction Quarterly. This file includes the posting from the CAQ editors when they placed the article on the internet four days after the Oklahoma City bombing and the lead editorial from the Spring 1995 issue. Daniel Junas' article was written nearly three months before the bombing. (45K)

NWCAMH militia meeting summary
Summary of the militia research meeting convened by the Northwest Coalition Against Malicious Harassment in January 1195. This report is from the NWCAMH Beacon, Feb. 1995. (7K)
Militia of Montana Meeting at Maltby
Public Good's first-hand account of a militia organizing meeting held near Seattle, Wash. in early February, 1994. (23K)

Leaderless Resistance and the Oklahoma City Bombing
Tom Burghardt of BACORR describes the principles of Leaderless Resistance, the terrorist strategy promoted by White Supremacists and some militia groups. Leaderless Resistance could be described as an epidemic of lone nut incidents with an emphasis on mass murder. (23K)
The Anti-democratic Movement - More than Militias
A Public Good research paper on the ideological roots of right-wing violence, the role of John C. Calhoun's Doctrine of Nullification in Patriot ideology and assault on American democracy. June, 1995. (42K)

Holy Terror: The Implications of Terrorism Motivated by a Religious Imperative
Dr. Bruce Hoffman's RAND report with a post-Oklahoma City bombing postscript (May 1995). (60K)
Wise Use in Northern Puget Sound
Web version of the 187-page report prepared by Public Good and published by Whatcom Environmental Council. (contains its own index) September, 1995. Web version posted January 14, 1997.

Neither Right nor Left: Militia Fever
Janet Bielhl's report on the cross-over between extreme libertarians and the white supremacist militia movement. Sometimes refered to as a "right woos left" phenomenon or a "red-brown" alliance, the convergence between libertarianism and militias is shown in a new light in this report from Green Perspectives, A Social Ecology Publication, Number 37, April 1996.(45K)
Christian Patriots at War with the State
The underlying beliefs of the Christian Patriots, Freemen and Militias. April, 1996. (31K + images)
A Not So Distant Mirror
We explore the connection between the Wise Use Movement and the Militias in the Pacific Northwest. Clear historical parallels exist between these modern day apocalyptic conspiracy theorists and militant heretics of the Middle Ages in Europe. May, 1996 (14K + images)
Fortuna Alliance - Background Documents
The largest law enforcement action against fraud on the Internet. Came down on May 29, 1996. Public Good uncovered legal papers linking Fortuna to the so-called Freemen or Constitutionalist movement. View these facsimile documents in our archive. Thursday, July 25, 1996. (very large .GIF files)
Fortuna Alliance
Public Good uncovered documents linking the Fortuna Alliance of Bellingham with the Christian Patriot movement. This article in the Albion Monitor Internet publication is the result of a six-month investigation. Although the Federal Trade Commission shut Fortuna down in May, debate still rages: was The Fortuna Alliance a revolutionary New Age business -- or a multi-million dollar Internet con game? July, 1996 (remote file)
The Indictment of John Pitner, et al.
The complete text of the federal indictment of the Whatcom Count and Seattle Christian Patriots on charges of conspiracy, explosives and firearms charges. August, 1996 (10K)
Militia Members Denied Bail
A partial transcript of the August 1, 1996 bail hearing in U.S. District Court shows some of the information regarding the alleged risk of flight and potential danger to the community, as presented by Assistant U.S. Attorney Susan Dorhmann. Includes some background information and notes by Public Good research director, Paul de Armond. August, 1996 (20K)
To Soothe Their Fears
The rise of the militias in Whatcom County has been a long process. This Public Good Report examines the Citizens for Liberty meeting at which John Pitner and others asked Whatcom County Sheriff Dale Brandland for his position on their activities. August, 1996 (11K)
"You're not paranoid if they're really out to get you
A copy of the draft transcript of a covert FBI recording introduced into evidence at the Washington State Militia conspiracy trial. Contains a brief background article, a summary of the transcript and the complete text of the June 26, 1996 FBI recording.
Putting the Far Right into Perspective
Comparative analysis of Patriots, militias, neo-nazis, Constitutionalists and the rest of the Far Right -- from conservatives to revolutionaries
Rock, Paper, Scissors: Counter-terrorism, anti-terrorism and terrorism
Public Good occasional paper #6. The present occasion calls for some clarification of the actors and concepts involved in millenarian and right-wing terrorism. Anti-terrorism is the reduction of terrorist violence by non-violent means. Counter-terrorism is fighting terrorism as a limited form of low- intensity conflict. The two strategies are not opposed to each other, but one is the subset of the other.
Planning conflict over land use at Western Washington University
This page contains links to eight documents which are part of the formal record at Bellingham Planning Commission hearings from February to July of 1997. The hearings are expected to continue into early September, when the Commission is expected to make a recommendation to the City Council. Includes Public Good's initial report on the conflict, The Castle at the Top of the Hill